We are excited to make as much money as possible for our two chosen charities this year: The Antibes Lifeboat, which is manned by unpaid volunteers who urgently need donations so they can continue to save lives; Restos du Coeur who help those in need including the elderly and the homeless to enjoy hot nutritious meals. 

We feel these two organisations are close to the heart of the local community, and together we can help raise enough money to make a difference, whilst having an amazing day of competition and a fantastic evening of camaraderie.

If you would like to get involved please contact the Raft Race Committee, we are looking for help sourcing materials, building stages and stalls, setting up the event, dismantling, clearing; so if you’re keen to strap on a pair of marigolds, pick up a tool belt, or can beg, borrow or steal materials for our evening party, please drop us a line. We really do need either your help or the contents of your wallet 




The Antibes Lifeboat

Antibes SNSM Lifeboat is the largest lifeboat in Alpes Maritime department, providing sea rescue around the Cote D Azur and sometimes on occasion called out almost as far as Corsica.

The lifeboat relies entirely on donations. It is manned by a volunteer crew who give their time and risk their lives for no financial reward. They are on emergency call 24/7, 365 days of the year. We are ready to put to sea within 15 minutes of a shout. Trained and equipped for air sea rescue, medical evacuation, fire fighting and recovery.



Antibes lifeboat is always in need of your donations. It costs about €80,000 per year to run the lifeboat. One tank of fuel costs €1,800 alone and we need to raise about €450,000 over the next 10 years just to replace the lifeboat. If you use the waterways between Antibes and Corsica this is your lifeboat. You can make a donation by 


Restos du Coeur

Founded by Coluche in 1985, the Restos du Cœur is an association of 1901, recognized as a public utility, under the official name of "the restaurants of the heart - Relais du Cœur". They are intended to "assist and provide voluntary assistance to the poor, particularly in the food sector through access to free meals and participation in their social and economic integration, Against all forms of poverty ".


Food aid provides emergency aid, but it is above all a privileged point of contact for self-help.  The relationship of trust woven during the reception and the commitment of the volunteers to help them offers the possibility of reintegration: workshops and insertion gardens, emergency accommodation, trucks and hot meal points, Restos Bébés du Coeur, departures on holiday, workshops to accompany school and fight against illiteracy, computer training, budget advice, access to justice and rights, support for job search (SRE) and Microcredit personal ...