Who Said 'Raffle'...???

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Well no fundraiser would be worth it's salt if they didn't hold a raffle - so we were so amazed when FunAir contributed our first prize! - something we all would love to have...Thank you Funair - TICKETS ON SALE AFTER EASTER BREAK AT VARIOUS LOCATIONS TO BE ANNOUNCED!

We are very happy to share that leading inflatable manufacturers FunAir are supporting the Raft Race and have donated an inflatable SUP worth $1500 to be given away in our raffle on race day.

FunAir creates custom and QuickShip inflatables for superyachts yachts globally. QuickShip Items are in-stock, adjustable products like yacht slides and climbing walls that will fit most mid range superyachts and can be shipped globally in just a couple of days. Typically needed when an owner or charter guest needs some fun in a hurry, they have saved the day numerous times.

The FunAir custom portfolio includes inflatable Climbing Walls, Yacht Slides, Jet Ski Docks, Yacht Golf, Yacht Joust, Floating islands, Work Platforms, Sea Pools, SUP's and whatever else the Captain, crew, charter guest or owner desires!

They have designed each yacht toy to folder tighter and lighter and supply their patented RapidFlate technology to inflate and deflate the fun six times faster than any other inflatable on the market. This makes them the perfect choice for busy crew!

FunAir have sponsored the Raft Race because “If that much fun is happening, we need to be there!”, and they are huge fans of The Antibes Lifeboat and the essential service they provide year on year.

To contact FunAir directly please email yachting@funair.com or call +1 512-593-5133.

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Claire Lyons