INTER-NETT are our first official raft entry!!

We have our first official RAFT RACE signup! Welcome….The Inter-Lopers. John  Balodis and his team have started their fighting talk to take home the WINNERS trophy – can you take them on we wonder? Heres what John had to say about their participation….’’Our teams from Inter-Nett (the international fabric care company for the superyacht industry) will converge on the IYCA and will be swopping our cleaning tools for paddles and fixing up our raft to take part in this year’s event in Port Vauban on April 14th. Our team of Inter-Lopers will repel all challengers to be sure to win fair ‘n’ square or failing that, by any means possible. If you think you can take us… then bring it… we’ll be ready and waiting for ya!’

suzi gardner