The Winners "Banana Raft"

The Winners "Banana Raft"


The 2012 Raft Race

Was held in IYCA / Port Vauban on Saturday 21st April. Over 1000 Raft Race Fans turned out to watch 22 Rafts battle their way across the Port. Weather was bright sunshine with a cross wind of some 20 knots - making Raft Racing even more entertaining to the spectators.
Overall winner was "BANANA RAFT", with "TEAM BIG FISH" a very close second, and "SPANDEX SUPER HEROS" skippered by Raft Race veteran and Raft Race Association President Gary Morton a very respectable third place. 

The coveted award for the Biggest Cheat was won by "KNIGHT RIDER MEETS THE QUEEN" whose Raft (it was discovered on final scrutinising) was powered by two electric motors ! 
Against strong competition, "THE QUAYS" Raft - which disintegrated shortly after the start (pictured right) was an obvious winner of the Chris Allix Cup for Total Incompetence in Rafting.  "THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN" Raft was winner of LNC's Award for the Best Engineered Raft.  

The evening party remembered the RMS TITANIC which sunk in 1912, 100 years before our 2012 Raft Race.  To commemorate this event our evening 'bash' was a 'TITANIC' Fancy Dress Party


2012 Entrants

  1. "SPANDEX SUPER HEROS" Gary Morton, Mover Shaker International
  2. "HAKUNA MATATA" Alex Mant, Tender-WorX
  3. "THE LODGE" Murray Tomkins (Captain Muz), M.Y. "LADY CHRISTINE"
  4. "TURNAROUND THE BEND" Carl Demouzon, Paul Lockhart, Emma Dallas, Thomas Aten, and Dave Robertson (YCO), "TURNAROUND" & S/Y "MAGNA MAGIC"
  5. "RASTA RACKET" Jef Domicent, Paola Ruo Rui, Simone Terrando, Gilles Ingham, Alexandre Blazard and Julien Vallade
  6. "SNS SOS" Laurent Esselin / Charlie Stitt, "SNSM147 ANTIBES LIFEBOAT"


  8. "FBC 237" Paul Bickley, "M/Y LATITUDE"

  9. "ECOTANK" Wilfried Point, Azure Trend SAS, Ecotank

  10. "THE E TEAM" Nick Powell, "M/Y ENCHANTRESS"

  11. "SORRY FOR PARTY ROCKING" Oscar & Finnley, Debbie's Crew House

  12. "NOAH'S ARK" Andrew Cook, "Kingdom 5-KR"

  13. "SHIP HAPPENS" Barnaby (Blue Beard), Yacht Fuel Services

  14. "BANANA RAFT" Jase & Sam, "M/Y SIROCCO"

  15. "THE QUAYS" Roeland Prins, The Quays Irish Bar

  16. "SHEIKIN' THE RAFTERS" Sarre/Nettlefold/Heads, YPI and Richard Sarre, Yacht Surveys

  17. "MANDARAGAT" Jerry Iorca, Avella

  18. "GU-GULLS" Di Luden, "M/Y GU"

  19. "JACKSON FIVE" Valerie Boudel, Tennis Club Le Dauphin, LNC Engineering Monaco


  21. "TEAM BIG FISH" Ben Whitlock, "M/Y JULIA" Big Fish Adventures

  22. "VIKINGS - RAPE & PILLAGE" Marty Krog,"ONE O ONE"

  23. "SaRAFTsaaaaaaaa" Pedro Rowsell, M/Y SARAFSA




The Raft Race would not take place if it wasn’t for the kind and generous donations of our sponsors.

Below is a link to list of all the fantastic people and companies who helped us to make the Raft Race 2012 the fantastic event that it was. 

Thank you, we salute you! and we shall also be calling up on you for the next raft race!