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14th April 2018


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The Raft Race Association has re-grouped and is working hard on the RAFT RACE 2018! We’re planning all the same totally bonkers fun and hope to make a bucket load of dough for some amazing charities.

If your interested in taking part and putting together your own raft team find out more by clicking the button below.


Get involved by becoming a raft race sponsor

The are plenty of opportunities for your company or organisation to get involved in the raft race. We rely on donations of time and money, and in return we can offer your brand exposure and marketing in a number mediums.


Race history

How the raft race started...

What do you remember from 1981? The launch of MTV, Ronald Reagan became the US President, Lady Diana and Prince Charles were married, the wreck of the Titanic was found, and Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off a bird at a press conference….but that’s not all, it was the year of the first official Raft Race in Antibes.

The Raft Race Association was created to emulate the Oxford /Cambridge Boat Race but without all the rules! And this memorable chaotic totally bonkers fun race took place at port Vauban. The race has been held on and off over the last 36 years at the Port Vauban in Antibes, with the last one being in 2012.    


'who cares who wins!'

The rules

We may not have many rules, but the few rules we have collected over the years we stand by pretty stringently! 

Please refer to the rules page for the full list, but most notably is the size of your raft at no larger than 12m2, and all rafts must carry at least 1 female; a dude dressed as a lady doesn’t count.

Expect to be hosed down by nearby yachts, and pelted with various forms of harmless ammunition from your competitive fellow rafters eager to take home a coveted award! This event is not for the faint hearted, its for the competitive, the dirty devils, the crazy and most importantly for the FUN!


Raft Race Merchandise



Purchase your raft race t-shirt  to support our charities, all proceeds raised will be donated to one of our fantastic causes.