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2nd Race


Photo's of the second Antibes Raft Race
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Gary Patterson putting the final touches to the "CARAMBA" / "SWAGMAN" entry

Ready for launching


The moment of truth


Camper & Nicholsons' Yacht Brokers Training Raft - with Michael Payne and Alex Lees Buckley (back row) together with carpenters Adrian and Alan.
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Safety Boat crew look back on "SWAGMAN" as she starts to sink
Does you remember what year the 2nd Race was ?

As the first race is now almost certainly established as 1981, we thought that the 2nd race could have been in 1983. Charlie Binyon now clarifies: "It was 1985, when I had just taken my first Captain position on "Caramba". John White, from whom I took over, had gone onto "Swagman", hence our joint entry. We built our boat from lengths of wood bent around three formers and covered it with a canvas tarpaulin which we painted with antifouling to make it waterproof. Great design, but we had not done any stability calculations, so it tried to lay on it's side when we first launched it. Once it had crew in it, it was even worse. I don't think we did very well that year!" - Thanks Charlie, and glad to have you on-board the 2012 Organising Team.

Committee Member Helen Bilton (the attractive one of the Bar Organiser Team) agrees, and comments: "Ist prize was at Harry's Bar, 2nd prize was at Le Rouf, and the 3rd prize was at the Bar du Port."  Thanks Helen - we didn't think you were old enough to remember !

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